Monday 24th April 2017

The Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR) under contract with the Ministry of Health (MoH) contributes to the national public health surveillance effort.

This website provides access to selected New Zealand public health surveillance data and information.

Public Health Surveillance

ESR coordinates and collates information for several national surveillance systems. More

Surveillance Reports

Surveillance reports are available for notifiable diseases, influenza, sexually transmitted infections and chemical injuries.

Antimicrobial Resistance

The Antibiotic Reference Laboratory at ESR is responsible for the national surveillance of antimicrobial resistance among human pathogens. More

Virological Surveillance

ESR public health virology laboratory collates, analyses and reports all year round laboratory-based virological surveillance. More

Enteric Reference Laboratory

The Enteric Reference Laboratory is responsible for the confirmation of isolates of the following notifiable diseases Salmonellae, Shigellae, Vibrio cholerae O1 and VTEC. More

Environmental Health Indicators

The Environmental Health Indicators (EHIs) project was commissioned by the Ministry of Health to develop a functional core set of environmental health indicators for New Zealand. More


Case report forms and instructions for notifiable diseases in EpiSurv, New Zealand's primary notifiable disease database. More


A national messaging system for Direct Laboratory Notification of notifiable disease.



Monthly Notifiable Disease Surveillance Report - Mar 2017

STI Clinic Surveillance: Quarterly Reports Oct-Dec 2016

Rheumatic fever bi-annual report - Jan-Dec 2016

Monthly Notifiable Disease Surveillance Report - Feb 2017

Antimicrobial Resistance

Enterobacteriaceae with acquired carbapenemases, line listing for 2017 as at 31 March

Enterobacteriaceae with acquired carbapenemases, 2016

Antimicrobial resistance data from hospital and community laboratories, 2015

Antimicrobial susceptiblity of Salmonella, 2015


Community and Hospital Surveillance: ILI, SARI, Influenza and Respiratory Pathogens 2017/15

Virology Weekly Report 2017/13

Virology Weekly Report 2017/12

Community and Hospital Surveillance: ILI, SARI, Influenza and Respiratory Pathogens 2017/14

Enteric Reference Laboratory

Non-Human Salmonella Isolates, 2017 No. 2. February

Human Salmonella isolates, 2017 No.2, February

Non-Human Salmonella Isolates, 2017 No. 1. January

Human Salmonella isolates, 2017 No.1, January

Email us at survqueries@esr.cri.nz to be notified when reports are published. Please specify the reports you are interested in:

- NZ Public Health Surveillance Report
- Monthly Surveillance Report
- Annual Surveillance Summary
- Annual Summary of Outbreaks
- Annual STI Report
- Quarterly STI Clinic Report
- Quarterly STI Lab Report

For the Weekly Influenza Update report please check here each Thursday.

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