Thursday 21st September 2017

A national messaging system for the Direct Laboratory Notification of notifiable disease

The rapid reporting of notifiable diseases, in conjunction with an effective national reporting system, is an essential tool in the response and management of communicable disease.

The Health Amendment Act 2006 provides for direct laboratory notifications and improves New Zealand's ability to respond to an outbreak of highly infectious disease. LabSurv supports the notification process by allowing laboratories to send high quality, standardised and secure health information in a timely manner. This information is displayed to Public Health Services (PHS) in New Zealand, aiding in the investigation of disease outbreaks.

National Notifiable Disease List

Direct Laboratory Notification - National Guideline

Electronic Notifiable Disease Messaging System (EDMS) Implementation Guidelines

LabSurv Implementation and Registration Guide

LabSurv Registration Application form

LabSurv Business Card


Email us at to be notified when reports are published. Please specify the reports you are interested in:

- NZ Public Health Surveillance Report
- Monthly Surveillance Report
- Annual Surveillance Summary
- Annual Summary of Outbreaks
- Annual STI Report
- Quarterly STI Clinic Report
- Quarterly STI Lab Report

For the Weekly Influenza Update report please check here each Thursday.

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