Non-Human Salmonella Isolates, 2008

Wednesday 22nd March 2023


The Enteric Reference Laboratory confirmed 1349 non-human Salmonella isolates in 2008 compared with 1001 in 2007.

There was an increase in bovine isolates from 236 in 2007 to 478 in 2008, 56% (n = 267) of which were from the Waikato region which experienced severe winter conditions. The predominant serotype was S. Typhimurium phage type 8 (n= 53). Poultry isolates of S. Typhimurium phage type 101 increased from 29 in 2007 to 84 in 2008.

The first New Zealand isolate of S. Yoruba (antigenic formula 16: c : l,w) was confirmed. The S. Yoruba was isolated from poultry feed.

Eleven isolates of S. Typhimurium phage type 42 were confirmed from batches of opened and unopened flour and resulted in a voluntary withdrawal of the product by the manufacturer.

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Non-Human Salmonella Isolates, 2008



Non-Human Salmonella Isolates, 2008

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