Yersinia isolates 2017

Wednesday 22nd March 2023


During 2017 the Enteric Reference Laboratory undertook a method review and as a result:

• Yersinia enterocolitica biotypes 2 and 3 are now being reported as a combined group (based on whole genome sequencing analysis)
• From September 2017 onwards Yersinia enterocolitica biotypes 2 – 4 are being serotyped

Overall Yersinia numbers have continued to increase and over the last the three years we have seen a significant shift with Y enterocolitica biotype 2/3 now accounting for 67% of all notifiable yersiniosis confirmations. Our historically predominant type - Y enterocolitica biotype 4 – now accounts for just 11%.

The pathogenicity of Biotype 1A remains the subject of international debate. It is notifiable in NZ and in 2017 accounted for 21% Y enterocolitica confirmations.

Following the large outbreak of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in 2014 numbers have fallen to just 12 confirmations for the year.

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Yersinia isolates 2017



Yersinia isolates 2017

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