Meningococcal Disease Report 23 Nov 2018

Wednesday 18th September 2019


Nationally the number of invasive meningococcal disease cases remains low. However, the number of cases reported has been increasing since 2014.

From 1 January to 16 November 2018, 102 cases of invasive meningococcal disease were reported. Of these:

  • 96 cases were laboratory-confirmed. The group was identified in 92 of these cases; 44 were group B, 27 were group W, 10 were group Y, 8 were group C, 2 were non-groupable (NG) and 1 was an X.
  • As compared to 2017, the proportion of group W cases has increased (from 11% to 29%) and the proportion of group B cases has decreased (from 67% to 48%).
  • Cases have been reported from all but two District Health Boards (DHBs).
  • Ten deaths were reported, including six due to group W.

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Meningococcal Disease Report 23 Nov 2018



Meningococcal Disease Report 23 Nov 2018

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