Surveillance of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Wednesday 1st February 2023

Surveillance of Sexually Transmitted Infections

ESR undertakes STI surveillance on behalf of the Ministry of Health. A number of different surveillance systems are currently in place including:

  • notifications of gonorrhoea and syphilis
  • laboratory-based surveillance of chlamydia and gonorrhoea
  • clinic-based surveillance of genital warts, genital herpes, non-specific urethritis (NSU), chancroid, granuloma inguinale (GI), and lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV).

Surveillance for AIDS and HIV is undertaken by the AIDS Epidemiology Group.

Current STI Surveillance Dashboard can be found at the following link:

STI Quarterly Dashboard for 2019 and later

STI Annual Dashboard 2021



Click here for the link to the Ministry of Health notification case definition for gonorrhoea.

All health practitioners notifying cases of gonorrhoea should fill out the web-based 'questionnaire'. To notify a case of gonnorhoea, please follow these instructions to complete the REDCap 'questionnaire': instructions and link to the gonorrhoea notification form

You can view an example of the Gonorrhoea notification form for reference prior to completing the online notification. Please note: notifications must be completed online via the REDCap project (ESR does not accept paper-based notifications for gonnorhoea.)



Click here for the link to the Ministry of Health notification case definition for syphilis. Note that late latent and tertiary syphilis are not notifiable.

The majority of infectious syphilis cases are notified by sexual health clinics who have access to a web-based REDCap database to input their data directly. REDCap instructions for sexual health clinics.

Health practitioners working outside sexual health clinics who diagnose infectious or congenital syphilis cases are required to complete a questionnaire and send it to ESR for entry into REDCap (further instructions are in the form). Please select the appropriate form below.

Case questionnaires:
Syphilis infectious form (Word)
Syphilis infectious (PDF)
Syphilis congenital form (Word)
Syphilis congenital (PDF)



Surveillance for AIDS and HIV is undertaken by the AIDS Epidemiology Group, however AIDS cases need to be created in EpiSurv. The form for initial AIDS notifications can be found here:

AIDS initial notification form.

Cases of HIV infection are notified directly by laboratories.

Clinic and laboratory-based surveillance

STI case definitions for clinic-based surveillance (PDF, 87KB)

Each month participating clinics send anonymised data on the age, sex and ethnicity of all cases meeting one or more of the STI surveillance case definitions to ESR. Clinics also provide the total number of clinic attendances.

Likewise, each month participating laboratories across New Zealand send anonymised data on confirmed cases of chlamydia and gonorrhoea by age and sex, to ESR. Laboratories also provide the total number of specimens and/or patients tested.

After checking and cleaning the data, ESR produces clinic and laboratory quarterly reports and an annual report with all data reported during the previous year.

Clinic surveillance forms used in data collection can be downloaded here:




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