Antibiotic Consumption Report

Thursday 9th February 2023

One of the key factors responsible for the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the use and overuse of antibiotics. This report is the first comprehensive summary of antibiotic consumption in New Zealand, presenting key trends from 2006 – 2014. The report provides information on antibiotic consumption usage according to age, sex, ethnicity and geography (District Health Board). The report provides baseline information on patterns of antibiotic consumption in New Zealand, and serves as an ongoing platform on which to gauge the effects of potential future community-based antimicrobial stewardship efforts.

Key findings include:

  • A significant increase in antibiotic consumption over the period 2006 – 2014
  • Ethnic and geographic differences in antibiotic consumption, particularly penicillin consumption
  • Relatively high rates of consumption in New Zealand compared to similar developed countries.

2014 Antibiotic Consumption Report

Antibiotic Consumption in New Zealand, 2006-2014


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