Surveillance Reports

Tuesday 21st March 2023

The main purpose of surveillance is to provide information for action.  Information provided by regular surveillance reports enables effective monitoring of rates and distribution of disease, detection of outbreaks, monitoring of interventions, and predicting emerging hazards.

The Surveillance Reports are analyses and interpretation of surveillance data, primarily from notifiable diseases, influenza and sexually transmitted infections.

Publication dates for annual surveillance reports are here. 

Surveillance Reports

Annual Notifiable Disease Tables

Annual Summary of Outbreaks

Publication Dates for Annual Reports and Statistics

STI Surveillance: Annual Report

Annual Surveillance Summary

Enhanced Syphilis Surveillance

Tuberculosis Reports

Antibiotic Consumption Report

Chemical Injuries Reports

Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infection Reports

Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Reports

Meningococcal Disease Reports

Monthly Surveillance Report

New Zealand Public Health Surveillance Report

Pertussis - Whooping cough - Reports

STI Clinic Surveillance: Quarterly Reports 2003-18

STI Lab Surveillance: Quarterly Reports 2003-2018

Rheumatic Fever Reports

Rotavirus Infection Report

Measles Report

Zika Virus Infection Report

Terms of Reference for Reports

Information provided in the surveillance reports reflect data collated at the time of the report. Surveillance data produced in the Monthly Surveillance Reports should be regarded as provisional. Rates are expressed as cases per 100 000 population unless otherwise stated. Any queries regarding notifiable disease surveillance data may be sent to

ESR acknowledges the support of New Zealand public health professionals in the generation of these reports. These reports are produced solely for the benefit of the Ministry of Health (MoH), Public Health Service Providers and other Third Party Beneficiaries as defined in the Contract between ESR and the MoH. ESR does not accept any legal liability or responsibility for use of information contained in these reports by any other person or organisation.


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